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What’s in a logo? Defining your meaning and purpose

Oct 31, 2017

Finding your why is kind of like finding the sweet spot amongst all your great ideas, plans and dreams for your business. A logo is the visual reflection of that why.

Why is a logo important to your brand?

If you are anything like us, when it comes to creating a logo, you will probably find yourself  pulling ideas from different directions, putting these ideas into spider diagrams, lists, and moodboards. And this is all really fun, at least in the beginning. But then you hit that – that moment.

Getting overwhelmed with all these different ideas is totally normal. As a creative person you often have a lot—and I mean A LOT—of ideas. Most of the time the hardest part is to choose one, or like I said, finding that one sweet spot amongst all these ideas.


Find your why and the rest will follow

That’s where the idea for the Luku logo stems from. Our why is to help purpose driven businesses thrive through creative services and marketing. So when it came time to craft a logo, we started with finding our purpose.

brand identity concepts for brighton creative agency

It may sound weird, but hear us out. Finding our why helped us find the visual language for our logo. The playful letters that spell out Luku have a much deeper meaning. They are derived from overlapping shapes that share the same values – think venn diagrams. The overlaps represent us as business partners but also that sweet spot that we talked about earlier.

So what’s Luku’s why?

We want our business to resonate with others and for us all to feel connected. We want you and other businesses to feel empowered to reach out to us, wherever you might be on your journey. We want to provide free resources and support alongside our expertise in website design, branding, visuals, marketing and analytics. Ultimately, we’re all about providing a service—a business—that provides value. Defining our why, which we in turn used to make our manifesto,  is what drives us and everything we do.


Want a logo with meaning? Get in touch


With Luku Creative, everything is about the brand. Analytically minded and creative to boot, we focus on creating the platforms purpose-driven businesses need to get online, seen, found, and heard.


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