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About Luku

Luku was born out of an idea and a passion to be a driving force in getting brands noticed. We’re a Brighton creative agency that specialises in purpose-driven organisations, providing accessible and effective marketing services.

What’s the story behind Luku?

Like many brands, our story began on a grassy knoll outside a London pub. As beads began to form on our glasses of rose, so too did a pretty rad idea. As you know, setting up a business is hard work. Especially if you’re going at it alone. And it wasn’t until that fateful evening that we realised we didn’t have to shoulder the lows and celebrate the highs on our own – after all, three minds are better than one. So it was in that moment, that realisation, that we named our company – wait for it – Six Legs. Followed by Scaffolding, Brown Fox, and Grassy Knoll to name a few. Okay, so we didn’t have our ‘aha’ moment then and there. We thought we would, it felt like we should. Like the stars were aligning and the next double decker would give us our name, but alas, no great ideas happen on an empty stomach. Thus in search of an identity and food, we found ourselves with a burrito each in hand when Luku Creative was born.

So why Luku? Well we’re one third Finnish, and as a Finnish word it described us rather nicely. It means numbers, chapters – story. And when we looked up the definition and read Se on ihan oma lukunsa, we knew. Because with Luku, it’s another story of its own.
That’s our story, but yours is another of its own. Let us help you tell it.

What’s our secret sauce to your success?

As a creative marketing agency we look to bring out your brand’s unique story. Everything we do stems from this. We dig deep. We define purpose. Analytically minded as well as creative, we go into the numbers and the story of what makes you, you. We bring ideas to life and help you get noticed. Whether it’s getting you online, getting seen, getting found, or getting you heard – it’s all about the brand.

Getting online

Websites should do the leg work for you. So everything from hosting, website design and optimisation is driven by the need to connect with and convert the right visitors. We’ll help you do just that.

Getting Seen

Stop that casual scroll dead in its tracks. Develop a strong brand identity and keep surprising and delighting with captions, photo and graphic visuals that build real trust – and loyalty.

Getting Found

It doesn’t matter how great you are if no one can find you. Analytics, SEO and online advertising – coupled with reports – will get you the traffic you need to grow.

Getting Heard

Give your passion a voice and start resonating with your audience. We’ll help you discover the right channels and develop the strategy you need to land your dream clients.

The faces behind Luku


Passionate about unlocking brand stories that are as unique as you, Anna is a real visionary with an incredible eye for design. She’ll help you create a brand you’re proud to show with the world.


In a world full of noise, Laura makes sense of your numbers and develops strategies that transform the way customers engage with your brand.


Creating effective user journeys on the web, kick-ass copy and brand photography with a real punch, Kelsie will get your company noticed and set you apart from the crowd.

Why we do what we do

We’re a purpose-driven creative agency based in Brighton. We’ve got a manifesto that dictates everything we do and how we create a great experience for our customers. Check out our guiding principles below.

We serve, not sell

We give knowledge away generously. We strive to be a resource, a trusted advisor and partner in crime.

We're focused on the why

Solutions aren’t just pretty, they’re effective. There is a strategy—a story—behind everything that we do.

We do marketing to make a difference

We practice what we preach, leading by example. Marketing makes businesses’ dreams come true, so we’re all about empowering you to do you. 

We tell it like it is

We ditch the bull and take time to pin down what our clients’ needs are. We’re transparent and never sacrifice on quality.

We're always hunting for that sweet spot

We’re all about having purpose and meaning, always coming back to the question of why we do what we do so that we stay true to our values. 
So that’s our story. Now let us tell yours

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